The primary responsibility of the 340B Account Coordinator is to work closely with 340B Account Managers to provide service to new and existing clients. The 340B Account Coordinator will develop an expert level knowledge base in 340B and communicate on all levels with sometimes demanding, dissimilar 340B skill level clients and vendors. The ability to develop an awareness to 340B environment changes as rules, regulations, guidance and HRSA/OPA audit results dictate is key. This role functions as the key resource for multiple 340B Account Managers on all new and existing client management.


  • Ability to demonstrate, understand and apply our workplace mission, vision and values
  • Assists 340B Account Managers in obtaining key client data
  • Obtains appropriate client authorization receipt and initiate all User Interface 340B program and user 18A report access parameters for each new 340B program
  • Obtains and monitors initial receipt of all client data feeds
  • Assists in establishing SFTP feeds for each new client relationship
  • Participates in each new client pharmacy replenishment program, including “split bill” training
  • Monitors 60-100 client data feeds and daily ordering
  • Assist 340B Account manager in training 340B clients and their contract pharmacies on PDMI proprietary report package via WebEx and/or teleconferences
  • Develops and understands all 340B point-of-sale programs for each new client
  • Documents and maintains client files to substantiate review and approval process of new client UI setup
  • Verifies HRSA eligibility for all new client relationships, including child sites and/or contract pharmacies and advises clients as to compliance with their registration status
  • Acts as primary day-to-day contact with clients and/or vendors for 340B program documentation, external data acquisition and client data acquisition
  • Inputs all client settlement activity, manual qualifications or disqualifications
  • Attends conferences for personal development in 340B program education
  • Supports all net settlement/invoicing review and client communications as a backup to 340B Account Manager
  • Cross trains to support other 340B Account Coordinator absences
  • Assists Call Center in specific 340B point-of-sale claims resolution as needed
  • Identifies when to resolve client issues or escalate to 340B Account Managers with documentation
  • Assists team with 340B product enhancements & development
  • Coordinates multiple accounts and projects with multiple 340B Account Managers simultaneously

Work & Education Experience Requirements:

  • Two-year Associate Degree, or comparable Pharmacy Tech experience/certification
  • 340B University completion within 12-18 months
  • Ability to develop a unique understanding of PDMI brand, products, and services
  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills, including Outlook, Teams, Excel, and Word

Supervisory/Leadership Responsibilities:

There are no supervisory responsibilities with this position. However, for specific special projects, this position often requires leadership skills.